Himark's Journey To Suspense PT, CGC

Spence has decided that herding sheep is about one of the funniest things a sheltie can do. He earned his HT and PT in just one weekend of trials! He also enjoys obedience and agility.  He occasionally does some therapy visits.

Another favorite pastime of his is laying on the couch either snuggled up against you getting his back scratched or laying 4 paws in the air getting his belly scratched!  The boy does know how to relax! He is a very sweet and gentle boy. He is owned and loved by Melissa Hensley.

Himark's Blame It On Rio MX MXJ CGC

Timmy earned the Basic Herding Instinct Title from the American International Herding Dog Association. He had lots of fun gathering and keeping the Sheep together.  He did a wonderful job considering that this first time seeing sheep and never has had any training.

Himark Thunder & Lightening, CGC, NAJ "Stormie" earned her AHBA  HCT title April 17, 2005 at the Sheltie Nationals in St. Louis with her wonderful handler Barbara Murdock.


Himarks Happy Feet, PT 

Penquin, shown by Holly, qualified in St. Cloud November 2-4 all three days and earned his PT title!  The judges gave him very nice comments too.  He's only 11 months old.

Himark's Wish for Ivybrook PT

Dottie Brooks is very proud of Ivy for completing her PT title at 22 mos. old.  Ivy is in training for obedience and agility as well as herding and we are looking forward to lots more titles in all areas.  Thanks Judy and Dave for breeding this great little girl and trusting her to me.


Himark's Puttin on the Ritz, "Toby", (pointed)  CGC, HT, CD, RN, OAJ, NA, NF PT

"Only after 4 lessons, Toby was able to earn his PT in just two tries. This little guy just loves his sheep.  He loves them so much, I have to watch that he doesn't steel one of my sheep.  When he does, he has a grand time bringing the sheep back to me.  He gathers sheep very well and we received several compliments from the Judges.  Not sure about going on the the Started class anytime soon, for we are now concentrating on Toby's obedience career.  He is now working on his CDX and then on to Utility.  Thank you Judy, for such a wonderful little guy.  I just love this boy with my whole heart and soul."

Jeanne Stephens



Himark’s Star Trekker, CGC HT NTD ITD  
Connor got to meet the sheep for the first time at the Pensacola Dog Fanciers March Breed Show and earned his “Herding Instinct” Title!  Both judges complimented him on his boldness and his confidence and gave him high marks in several areas of the evaluation.  AND, he loved it, of course! 


Himark's Earth, Wind and Fire, FMCh

 Judy and Reed are having a fun time doing flyball.




Woody is our first sheltie to get a Barn Hunt title. We are so proud of Val and Woody for achieving this.



Himark’s Fire and Rain CAT

 Keegan and Susan are having fun doing  coursing.


Himark’s Just Imagine  HIC, PAWS, NAJ, NA, NF, OAJ, OA, AXJ, CAT, NJC, O-TN-N, S-TN-N, TN-O, O-TN-O, NAC, O-NAC, NJC, O-NJC, S-NJC , TG-N, WV-N, O-WV-N, S-WV-N, HP-N, O-HP-N


Susan and Piper have done amazing things .