Jenny's at the Rainbow Bridge 

by Ch. Starfall's Thief Of Hearts x Starfall's Straw'bry Shortcake 

Jenny was a beloved friend, companion and very special part of my life. Jenny took a piece of my heart to keep her company until we meet again.  Jenny had a lot of accomplishments in her life. She had her CD, CDX, UD and 35 OTCH points by the time she was 2 years old. I then retired her to start my breeding program.
She was the Alpha dog among 15 others. Jenny ruled fairly and was respected by all. She will best be remembered for being able to make all the dogs leave the room by her facial expressions. Kids used to love to pet Jenny and watch her do her "famous" wolf impersonation to keep the other dogs away.

I miss Jenny and when I look at her favorite spot I feel her presence surrounding me. Jenny will always be in my mind and heart. Play among the flowers til we meet again, my precious treasure.

Perkins' at the Rainbow Bridge 

by CH FOURWINDS LIGHT THE WAY ROM x Seacliff Limited Edition

Life without our special boy will never be the same. I can't tell you how much he meant to us. Perkins captured my heart from the 1st day I saw him and now he has taken a large part of it with him to the rainbow bridge.  Both Dave and I held him as he gently went to sleep. We will always remember him as the happy boy he was and miss him more than we can express. 
Without Perkins there would be no Himark as he is the one who started it all and kept the line as wonderful as it is. 
Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Poem By Phyllis Donovan  for Perkins

Of all the stars that fill the sky tonight,
One star by far sheds greatest light.
One star gleams brightest, by far the best
For Perkins tired little body was lain to rest.

A wondrous legacy left he behind,
And those who loved him grieve,
But at the Bridge we'll meet again,
We know, we trust, we believe.

And not so far away he plays,
With friends from long ago.
How glad he was when Jenny came,
Alas, he'd missed her so.

The pain has gone, he frolics now,
Young again like all the rest,
His wondrous spirit still goes on,
Twas his body laid to rest.

Tears are shed for he was loved,
It's why there's grief today,
We cannot see him here on earth,
To us, he's gone away.

But far about this earth we love,
Tis a Land we cannot see,
Where pain is banished, joy abounds,
And sweet Perkins now runs free.

And when at last we're summoned Home,
And the Bridge comes into view,
We'll hear a bark, see a wagging tail,
"Perkins, dear!!!  It's you!!"

       8-20-04 PJ

Angel's at the Rainbow Bridge
By: Bertlin's California Starfall ex Starfall's Precious Treasure UD

Angel was one of a kind, perfect in every way. Her name fit her well as she truly was an angel.  She was sweet, loving and a special friend. Angel was one of the top dogs in obedience in the country for a long time. She used to lose most of her points for happy barks as she loved to do it so much. Angel was the Alpha bitch at home. She ruled the other dogs with a gentle paw.

 My heart is torn apart from the tragic loss of my precious Angel.  Angel is truly in heaven and has her own pair of golden wings to carry her to the rainbow bridge. Fly there, my love and wait for me.

Beside the Rainbow Bridge he stood,
Waiting patiently for his friend.
The angels said she was coming soon,
His wait was at an end.

Acoss the Bridge the mist unfurled.
He thought he saw her there.
Stiff and slow her figure came,
Bent with age and care.

Yet past the middle her head picked up,
And spring was in her gait.
Her vision cleared; she saw him there,
The joy she felt was great.

The sounds of joyful barking
Now fell upon her ear:
"Come and celebrate with us,
For Angel now is here!!"

Then stepped sweet Perkins forward:
His eyes were filled with tears,
His dearest friend was Home at last,
The others woofed their cheers.

The joy that's felt in Heaven,
As each fur child reaches Home,
Echoes thru the Hallowed Halls,
And reaches to His Throne.

Perkins and Angel now together,
Frolic as long ago.
And far beneath eyes look up,
To see her star's bright glow.

They're cross the Bridge together,
In Heaven joy is great.
As by the Bridge together,
Perkins and Angel wait,

Wait for those they loved before,
For love will never die,
The Bridge joins hearts forever,
And Angel plays on High.

On earth we grieve for all,
For those we cannot see,
Yet love goes on forever,
Someday with them we'll be.

Go play with Perkins, little girl.
No aches, no pains, no fear.
We know how special our Angel is,
Your memory's very dear.
11-19-04 PJ

God bless you,
PJ, Milady, Jenny Wren, Miz Pookie, Heather Happy Tail and Mr. Bear-Bear

Sly's at the Rainbow Bridge

Sly was only one year old when he died. It is hard to understand why Sly was not allowed to live a long life on this earth. In his short life he made a lot of people happy. Sly was very sweet and so full of life. To lose a very special dog at such a young age is devastating. Sly will always be remembered by his many friends but none more important to him than Gabrielle. Gabrielle wrote the following tribute to Sly . . .

Sly was my best friend.  He loved to prance through his obedience class or an agility course.  Sly was very special because he had a soft heart. He only wanted to love and please me.  He was extremely devoted and he would sit in my lap and lick me for hours. He was always kind and gentle with other dogs and people.  Sly always gave the gift of his love.

Thank you for sharing Sly with me, 
Gabrielle Blackbur

Tribute Continued


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